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Top 10 things to do when you first get engaged

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Congratulations on your engagement! Firstly, take some time to enjoy this special moment between you both. Take a deep breath before you start thinking “what do I need to do now?” before going into full blown wedding planning mode. Below are a few tips and ideas on what to do once they’ve popped the question.


The proposal definitely is a time for a celebration, so grab your friends and family and throw an engagement party, dinner party or just a get together. This is also a perfect way for family and friends from each side to get to know each other and meet before the big day.

Pamper yourself:

This is the perfect excuse for you to go and get that manicure that you’ve been thinking about for your engagement shoot. Your hands will certainly be featuring in a few photos and it’s always nice to share that picture everyone has been waiting for of the ring with nicely manicured nails.


Your wedding is the perfect chance for you to get creative, so go out and buy bridal and wedding magazines, have a look through Pinterest and gain some inspiration on what style and theme you’d both like your wedding to be. There are so many products out there which can help you plan and organise your big day, so go and purchase a few notebooks and wedding planners and start jotting down some ideas. Some of my personal favourites are by Martha Brooks , you can personalise them and they have different colours and styles that you can choose from.


The one area couples don’t really like discussing but is one that needs to be addressed early in the process. Once you’ve defined a theme and style, this is when you can define what you can afford for your wedding day. It can be difficult knowing what kind of budget you will be working towards until you start looking at venues and getting quotes through. However, once you have established a budget this will give you a better idea on what venues to start looking at.

Date and Season:

The style and theme of your wedding can also be determined by the date and season in which you have your wedding. The time of year can also affect the budget and cost of your wedding as venues tend to charge higher rates for the summer months. So, this is something to bear in mind when choosing the month, you would like to get married in. I know some couples pick a certain month because it is significant to them, so take time and decide what will work best for you both.

Wedding Party:

Now it’s time to get personal and start to think about who will make up the bridal party. The people you choose to be, chief bridesmaid, best man, groomsmen and bridesmaids are an integral part to your wedding and will need to be relied upon for big tasks on the day. Therefore, it is key that you choose the right people. As you now know the budget you are working towards you can assess if any of your bridal party will need to contribute to certain items such as suits, dresses and the all-important stag and hen dos. With this in mind, you need to make your bridal party aware of any potential costs at the beginning, so nothing creeps up later on in the process.

Location/ Venue:

I know it’s very tempting to rush into picking suppliers but securing your venue is something that you should consider first as these will get booked up well in advanced. Deciding on a location that works for both sides of the family will in turn help with selecting a venue. The venue can work with the style and theme of wedding you have decided on.


It’s now time to start getting a little organised and ensuring that your ideas and contacts are in one place, so you don’t have to keep going between documents and items. Everything might start to seem a bit overwhelming so now is a good time to start putting details in one place like your wedding planner book or notepad we mentioned earlier.

Hire a wedding planner:

Now if the above seems a little too stressful or you don’t think you’ll have enough time to get everything covered, it might be worth taking the time into looking at hiring a wedding planner. It has been suggested it roughly take 250-300 hours to plan a wedding, that’s a lot of time on top of your normal working week and keeping up with social plans at the weekend. At Chloe Jordan Weddings & Events I provide three different services that might suit you, so take a look here and I’d be more than happy to offer a free consultation call with you to discuss all your ideas.

Enjoy the bubble:

Now this is a key thing to remember, this is your time to spend together as a couple. So, enjoy the bubble and this time of being engaged before you go into full wedding planning. Don’t feel pressured into booking suppliers and making decisions straight away – take your time and enjoy the whole journey.

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